Some Cool Things About Office 365


Once you've gotten your head around IT as an expense in your business you're ready to move to the cloud. I was checking out some of the new stuff that Office 365 is doing and it's pretty cool stuff. 

At the most basic level you can purchase Microsoft Office which gives you Word, Excel PowerPoint and Outlook with a few other goodies thrown in. 

As you climb up their subscription ladder things get really interesting. Microsoft figured out that just offering you Microsoft Office at a low monthly rate with Email wasn't going to cut it long term so as you go up the subscription ladder the features and functionality of what's available can really transform a business. 

Here’s some things you can do that are pretty neat

In a web browser - You can share files, you can collaborate on files and you can send files.  No need to install Microsoft Office on your computer.

On your phone you can do the same.  Being out of the office and not having access to your files is a thing of the past.  Having to call someone to email you a file is a thing of the past.

Additionally, let's say you’re working on a file and you realize you need someone's input. You can quickly message them via Skype for Business, drop the file into the conversation and collaborate quickly to get an answer you may need.

When it comes to workflow productivity apps, many of us only know what we know..  what's cool is when someone comes along and shows you a new way to do things more efficiently. 

The learning curve isn't steep at all compared to the benefit and efficiency that you can gain by working in a cloud centric world.

As you can tell I'm a fan.

We recently moved a client’s phone system into Office 365. Yep, there’s a phone system inside Office 365.  For a small business it actually has pretty much every feature you would need.  It’s a pretty awesome piece of tech and the client loves it.

So yeah there are a lot of cool things about Office 365.

By the way this is an unpaid endorsement.  I just think that cloud-based systems are where the world is headed and would love for you to come along for the ride.