Know Thyself and Know Thy Business


When talking about sales, marketing or branding the word differentiator sure gets thrown around a lot.

The questions are often asked…

What's your differentiator?

What makes you different?

It’s a fact that many companies struggle to define this in their business.

When it comes to the tech in your business your differentiator should be in your process.

How you do things.

I believe that all companies are unique because we as people are unique.

Each of us executes in our own way.

Give any 2 people the same set of instructions and they will invariably both execute differently.

The concept that I'm trying to share today is that when it comes to tech it’s important to know your processes.

How you do things.

It will help you when choosing the tech in your business.

Keep in mind that attempting to bend technology to your will may result in bad things happening.

Companies are unique and different in their own way but at the same time they all share many commonalities. 

There are certain principles in business and finance that are best when followed.

When selecting a new piece of tech in your business

   - Know your process
   - Know your problem

Then choose the path that aligns the closest to how you run your business.

The closer that you stay to how a solution runs out of the box the better experience you will have.

Remember that customization kills

I enjoy working with companies, finding the right mix of tech that helps them move forward in their own unique way.

I also enjoy helping companies make the choice between A or B when working with a specific product.

I love comparative shopping.

But, I can tell you that it's not fun when you're sitting across from someone who wants what they cannot have and doesn't understand why.

So, let’s keep it fun.

And as a wise man once said “Know Thyself and Know thy Business”