The Right Frame Of Reference

A couple of years back I saw Def Leppard in concert. As always they put on a great show and sounded picture perfect.  Very much like their song named Photograph, the band clearly captured their classic sound from decades back.

Their ability to consistently reproduce what makes them great, many years after their chart topping sales, allows them to continue to demand high dollars for their product.

Flash forward to yesterday when I found an old Tony Robbins video online where he talks about how energy follows focus.

With the many distractions self-imposed or accidental in our everyday lives it's easy to see how we can lose sight of what needs our attention. This is frequently true when it comes to the subject of the tech in our business.

Let’s be honest.  Many people choose to ignore tech in their business. It's easy to ignore something that we may not understand or that doesn't make sense to us.

This lack of focus can cause a sort of technical debt that is hard to come back from.

On the flip side there are people who believe that they can bend technology to their will.  Their focus is on their way regardless of the cost.  The sad thing is that consultants and vendors too often allow clients to back themselves into a wall with technology.  It’s not a pretty picture.

All of these things could be captured or consolidated in the thought that - our focus is wrong.

Mark Templeton the former CEO of Citrix once coined the phrase “The right frame of reference is worth 50 IQ points”.

Take a look at your focus on the tech in your business.  

 - What's important to you?
 - What problems are you trying to solve?
 - What are you doing to solve those problems?
 - Who are you engaging to help you solve your problems?

To be the best version of your company you will need to have the correct vision of what you want to be.  You will then need to focus your efforts on that vision and the energy will follow.

Your tech can help you get there, and in this day and age, your tech will help you get there.  It's just a matter of getting your tech right.