Time Is On My Side

I was listening to a Gary Vaynerchuk interview yesterday and he said something that caught my attention.  He said that - Uber sells time.  When I heard that I was like, yeah.  They totally do!

Time - it's probably the greatest commodity bought and sold.  Uber for example sells you time in the form of not waiting for a cab and getting you from point A to point B which gives you time because you're not driving.

Other common companies give you time as well.

Google gives you time because you can quickly look up anything you want to know about anything.

Facebook gives you time by providing you a way to quickly update and connect with all of your friends and family.

The products and services that give you time are your most valuable assets. Okay so you're asking yourself - all right Rob, so how does IT give me time back?

Well I'm glad you asked!

Getting your tech right gives you time in all sorts of ways.

One way is productivity - If you have everything tuned and up and running your people can do their jobs, you can do your job, and that allows you to make money and grow.  This is where the  terms up time and downtime come into play.

Another way is automation - Automation can exist in your business on the front line or behind the scenes.  On the front line would be things like credit card processing, marketing automation or find-me-follow-me features on your phone system.  Behind the scenes items would include computer maintenance and backups.

But my all time favorite part of how tech gives you time is this.  Collaboration.

Collaborating with a tech advisor can really help to move your business forward by leaps and bounds.  We all have things we want to do but don’t know how to get there.  Working with someone who can spark an idea in your mind or open a door to something you didn't know was there can transform your business.  Working with a tech collaborator can be sort of like time travelling.  The idea of tech is to help to get you there faster.

One of my greatest joys in helping companies is when we find those little kernels of excellence, those nuggets of brilliance, when through a conversation we are able to find a solution that transforms a business by bending time.

Whenever I hear the word time the first song that comes to mind is the Rolling Stones Time Is On My Side from their second album called The Rolling Stones No. 2 .

If there's one thing that we all want it's time. My favorite line in the song is right after the hook when Mick sings the line “Yes it is”.

As society moves along, those companies that give people time will be the ones that become household names.  In thinking about your company - think about how you give your clients time.

Is it simple?  Is it easy?  Hopefully your response is “yes it is”.