Rock You Like A Hurricane

The Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane off of their Love at First Sting album is as nearly a perfect rock song as you can get. Living in the state of Florida for the past year I've learned all about hurricanes and all the damage they can bring.  Being from California affectionately known as “the land of earthquakes” makes for a very different experience for me and my family.

In comparing earthquakes to hurricanes most people say that the good thing about hurricanes is that you have advance warning to prepare. The sad thing is that outside of buying some food and water at the last minute many people aren’t prepared for hurricanes.

The last hurricane that came through town was named hurricane Matthew. Right before hurricane Matthew came to town we received notifications and information regarding its course as well as warnings to get ready.  The media urged people to prepare their homes and their businesses for a potential tropical onslaught.

I did what I could and prepared my home and readied those things that needed attention at work. Honestly there wasn't much to do at work because we've been planning and improving our disaster recovery readiness. So we were generally in a good spot. With regards to our clients it was a mixed bag.  Many were ready while a few were not. We ended up doing a last-minute scramble and prepared our less ready clients for the storm.

One would think that if you live in a hurricane prone state that people would plan, prepare and be ready, but the reality is that many people don't prepare and wait till the last minute.

My role is to help.  My role is to advise, but ultimately your business is your decision and your readiness is…  Well, it's on you.

There's another song on The Scorpions Love at First Sting album named Bad Boys Running Wild that may be a more appropriate reference for your business disaster readiness.

For me - I still like Rock You Like a Hurricane. It's a great song!  Be safe.