I help companies improve their operations, people, process and systems.

My focus is on start-ups and highly entrepreneurial companies that embrace innovation, creativity and change.



I'm an IT management professional with leadership experience that ranges from the Fortune 100 to the Service Provider space.

Additionally I've led organizations in the Instructional, Research and Academic space at the University of California, Irvine.

My diverse background brings together the best of Enterprise Computing and Service Provider markets.
I hold a certificate degree from University of California Irvine in Advanced Computer Engineering and a Business Management degree from Saddleback College.

I'm recognized as a leader in Technology, Operations, Marketing and Management



2010 - MSPmentor.net - Top 250 Executives
2010 - SMBTN/SMBNation - 150 Most Influential People
2009 - MSPmentor.net - Top 250 Executives



Rob lives in South Florida. His better half is Maggie.  Between the two of them, they have 6 kids and 1 dog.  They love to explore new places and experience new things.


Affiliations and Disclosures

Rob runs operations at an IT Company named Connections for Business.

Rob answers his own emails and operates all his own social media presence accounts.

Rob promotes and sells various 3rd party products and services via affiliate marketing links.  Do understand that if Rob promotes something that he uses and believes in the product or service.


Personal Note

Biographies are really weird things. About pages and all that sort of stuff.  You basically have to primp yourself up and act all pompous and important and make sure people know why you’re worth it.

I’m a really approachable and down to earth guy.  Never hesitate to reach out and ask me a question or get to know me.  I really am here to help.  I promise.