New Client Tuesdays

New Client Tuesdays


My latest client is a small business that does boutique recruiting. They focus on specific industries and niches within those industries. Onboarding began as usual. We met with the owner. Then began the instrument-document-observe process. As I ran through their tech environment I documented and observed a handful of items.

Instrument, Document, Observe

It's been fun the last few weeks as we've been on boarding a batch of new clients.

In the first phase of on boarding a new client we go through what I call IDO.

Which stands for instrument, document and observe.

With each with each new client there are a series of tasks we perform to ensure a smooth and successful on boarding experience.

For some clients this first phase may take a few days while for others it can take a few weeks.

During the IDO phase we instrument the environment by installing some software tools that give us visibility across the entire environment.

At the same time we work with the client to gather all relevant documentation about the environment.

This includes a checklist of items that are critical to effectively manage the tech in the environment.

Along the way we make observations of the environment.

This includes a list of pain points that the client is facing as well as items of interest we discover along the way.

By having the proper instrumentation documentation and a batch of observations we are then able to begin to formulate a road map for the client to get their tech right.

All clients go through this process and some are easier than others to get through. 

The IDO phase lays the groundwork for everything else to come.

It's taking that first step into a new healthy relationship with your tech company.

Welcome aboard!