Entrepreneurial Spirit

Last night I discovered a new music artist online.
He goes by the name Angel Vivaldi
Angel is an instrumental artist that plays modern anthem rock.

While his music may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
I really like his music.
Angel’s songs are powerful and emotional.
On his website are a series of videos that document his first tour and the making of one of his albums.

The videos show this guy working his butt off to make things happen.

I really appreciate his entrepreneurial spirit.

It's amazing how many people out there today are doing what they love on their own terms.
It’s really inspirational. 

As entrepreneurs and business owners we’re called upon to wear many hats.
Often we’re the CEO, CFO and COO all at the same time.
Many people are also the janitor, the sales person and the developer.

Still it's amazing to watch artists, creators and inventors do their thing.
It's great to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in America.