Your Culture Matches Your Tech

Your Culture Matches Your Tech

Does a company’s culture match their tech? I think so. If your company is generally disorganized. Chances are your tech will also be—out of sorts. By the same token. If your company has a lot of rules and policies then more than likely… Will have tech with all sorts of intricacies with your tech, that may or may not need to be there. Chaos begets chaos. Calm begets calm.

Calm n' Sense

With technology moving at the speed of sound it's often confusing knowing what to do.

One day you're just trying to send an email and the next day you're trying to figure out how artificial intelligence will transform your business.

With a million things hitting you at once and decisions pending - it’s easy to lock up under pressure.

Frame of reference is huge when you’re nearing a decision point.

The best advice I can offer is to keep calm and use some common sense.

I like to call this "Calm n’ Sense”

Calm n’ Sense is the ability to remain calm and grounded before making a decision.  To be calm and grounded you’ll need to know what the ground rules are.

Ground rules for Calm n‘ Sense.
A - Know where you want to go
.  As in, have a vision or end goal you desire.
B - Have a plan.  Any size plan will do.  But you need a plan.
C - Know the outcome if you don’t make a decision
D - Know the consequence if you choose wrong
E - Add a dose of self-control.

Stressing yourself out over making a decision on the spot that you weren't prepared to make in the first place is always a recipe for disaster.

Sometimes you arrive at a juncture where a decision needs to be made but...

That doesn't mean that making the decision is more important than understanding the how and why and net effect of your decision.

Too many people get caught up with just wanting to make a decision.

They forget to weigh enough options to be able to make the best possible decision.

And as I stated in my last post…  Make sure you involve your IT guy upfront before stepping off the ledge.

Need some help?  I'm here to help.