Digital Agencies Are A Lot Like Tech Providers

Digital Agencies Are A Lot Like Tech Providers


I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a handful of web marketing agencies over the past few weeks. Our company needs some help with our pay-per-click and so we’re meeting with agencies to figure out what to do and who to do it with. As we meet with each company I noticed a pattern. And it’s a lot like what tech providers do.

4 Things Your Small Business Can Do To Protect Itself From Cyber Attacks

4 Things Your Small Business Can Do To Protect Itself From Cyber Attacks


How well is your business protected from the onslaught of Cyberattacks? It’s a tough question to answer. And one that many small business owners just aren’t qualified to answer. According to a report published by Vistage in 2018 called “Cyber threats and Solutions for Small and Midsize Businesses,” 62% of small businesses don’t have an up-to-date or active cybersecurity strategy in place. One reason is that many small businesses don’t have the time, personnel or skills to take on Cybersecurity.

New Client Tuesdays

New Client Tuesdays

I’m out on the road today heading to a new client.  Now I don’t get new clients every Tuesday, although it seems like it.  Last week I just so happened to being onboarding for a new client on - yep, you guessed it,  Tuesday.  What’s interesting about this new client and last weeks new client is that they were both facing the same challenge.  They lost data.

The Assessment Blues

Most of the Blues music we know of today is based on a musical form known as the 12 bar blues.

  • B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone
  • Robert Johnson - Crossroads
  • Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

The 12 bar blues was created as a simple form of music to present a message.

In its most basic form 12 bar blues is a cycle.

And if you know that cycle and take action on it - you’ll have some great music.

Well at least that's the idea.

So how does the Blues have anything to do with the tech in your business?

Well, I’ll tell ya.

The tech in your business has cycles.

And if you take action when needed.

The tech in your business can sing.

Which brings me to today.

This afternoon I'm delivering a tech assessment to a client.

And there's a common theme to this assessment that’s common in many assessments - and that is…

Their tech fell off the wagon.

Meaning they're not following the cycle or what I call life cycle.

Basically this client hasn’t updated their technology for like eight to nine years depending on the device.

The environment is old and it doesn’t run well anymore.

The pain this client is experiencing is completely based on them not keeping up with the technology in their business.

They let their tech take a backseat in their business and as a result they’re feeling the pain now.

You could say their rhythm is off.

That they’re signing out of tune.

So here were are.

Let’s see if we can get them back on track to making music again.