WEE - The 3 Things To Protect In Your Business


Web, Email, Endpoint.

The 3 areas of tech that need the most protection in your business.


Web browsing.

Where people go.

What they click on.

And where they spend their time online.

Web threats are everywhere.

Even a skilled web surfer gets rolled sometimes.

Implementing technology that protects your staff’s web experience is critical to your business.

This includes things like content filters, application firewalls, and cloud gateways.


Email scams.

Phishing attempts.


Email compromises.

How your business communicates is under attack daily.

Protecting email communication for your business is also a critical need.

This includes things like having your Office 365 or Google G Suite set up correctly.

It also includes implementing services and tools to handle Threat Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Data Loss Prevention.


The 3rd leg of the stool is the endpoint.

Endpoint refers to your computer or mobile device.

These devices require always-on, always active protection.

To protect endpoints you’ll need things like antivirus, antimalware, and disk encryption to be safe.

It’s also important how you connect and manage your endpoints.

A proper approach would include a plan and process to manage and report on your endpoints.


Instead of WEE, I could have gone with EWE.

But WEE sounded better. 😀

The point is…

Having a properly configured and secured tech environment takes some effort.

But once you have things set up and managed you’ll be in good shape.

At the end of the day it’s all about productivity.

Being able to work unhindered.

If your tech ain’t right.

You’ll be hindered.

And nobody wants that.