3 Life Lessons In Money Management


Trying to stay in budget?

Trying to save money?

Tired of being poor?

If there’s one thing they don’t teach in school—it’s how to manage your personal finances.

Grade school. Nope.

High School. Nope.

College. Nope.

Throughout my life, I’ve been left up to my own to figure out my finances.

My parents weren’t all that good with money management.

My relatives weren’t much better.

I asked my millionaire friends and they had nothing to offer.

It’s been through trial and error that I’ve figured even this much out.

This is my truth.


Here are the 3 sure-fire ways to be successful and managing your money.

#1. Don’t spend more than you make.

#2. Don’t use credit.

#3. Be willing to make due.

#1. Don’t Spend More Than You Make.

It’s stupid simple.

Yet most people don’t do it.

Don’t spend more than you make means exactly what it says.

But we’re not trained to think like this.

We think with our appetites, desires, and dreams.

We think in terms of objects and material things we want.

And this makes for a mess financially.

It’s the reason poor people are poor.

And it’s the reason they stay poor.

#2. Don’t Use Credit

Don’t use credit to buy things you can’t afford.

Whether it’s toys or vacations—don’t do it.

If you’re using credit to pay bills that’s a violation of rule #1.

Sure there are times when you’ll want to leverage credit.

But it’s for things that are in the budget.

Not whims or passions.

#3. Be willing to make due.

This is the toughest of all 3.


Because this one hits you at your core.

Who you are as a human.

Your thoughts and behaviors.

It pokes at your ego.

It’s your significant other not being on the same page.

This one is tough to beat.

But if you can do it.

You’re golden!


I’ve always thought life wasn’t as complex as we make it.

I always thought the truth would be simple.

And it is.

No amount of apps or services can help you.

Only you can help you.

Managing your money isn’t an art.

It’s a science.

Do these 3 things.

And you’ll have everything you want in life and more.

The truth is simple.

It’s us that make things complex.