Riding The Storm Out


Living in South Florida we see our share of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Our latest installment is Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian is considered to be the strongest storm anywhere on the planet this year.

And is Florida ready for it?

Well, kinda.

In usual fashion, residents made a run for the supermarkets.

They emptied the isles of water, bread, and other necessities.

At gas stations, cars were lined up around the block as people waited to fill their tanks up with gas.

And now we wait.


Well, at my company we helped our clients by coordinating shutdowns of equipment in preparation for the storm.

We also set up information call-in lines for some clients that needed a way to communicate with their staff during the storm.

All in all, things were order and our clients were taken care of.

When it comes to tech…

If you start right, you end right.

Having gone through a few hurricanes and tropical storms I’m starting to get the hang of this now.

I’m not bragging that I’m some hurricane expert.

The damage a hurricane can cause is unforeseeable.

But the message is this.

Be prepared.

It’s a little something I learned when serving as a Boy Scout leader.

And it’s been a good thing to learn.

Planning is key.

Having your tech environment designed properly is key.

With a good design and a good plan.

You’ll be ready to face any storm in your future.

Be safe out there.