Top 3 Strategies For Making Better Tech Decisions


Procrastinators are actually great planners.

Procrastinators have the highly developed skill of getting stuff done at the last minute and getting their stuff done super-fast.

But the problem is this…

Procrastination and tech aren’t good bedfellows.

Procrastination and tech don’t mix.

And procrastination and tech don’t play well together.

The tech in your business is a lot like a hurricane.

You get plenty of advance notice that you’ll need to do something.

Take a domain name for example.

Months before your domain name expires you begin getting notices.

So much so, that it’ll drive you crazy sometimes.

But the point is this.

If you take a proactive approach to manage the tech in your business you’ll be better off than dealing with your tech after it breaks.

Here are 3 strategies that can help you manage your tech more effectively and make better tech decisions.

1—Plan Your Year In Tech

This is a great way to get a head start on your year.

You’ll have a general tech operating plan.

A roadmap to follow for the coming year.

2—Become More Decisive

Nothing moves the needle faster than making confident decisions.

Making no decision is sometimes the right decision.

When you make quick, confident decisions you become...

A better decision-maker.

And a better leader.

3—Form Unbreakable Habits

Success rarely happens all at once.

In fact, success is often the accumulation of effective regular habits.

Getting the tech right in your business comes from learning how to act and think about the tech in your business.

If tech is an afterthought in your business.

That’s a habit that needs to stop.

Learn to build the habit of asking…

How can tech help me through this?


Commit to getting the tech right in your business today.

Commit to building the thought process and behaviors that will move your Tech forward.

And this in turn will…

Help move your business forward.

It will.

It works.

It really does.

Get your tech right.