Is Your Business Tech-Resistant?


When someone presents you with a new tech solution…

We think of all of the ways that it’s going to fail.

How it’s not going to work.

We get agitated.

And we resist change.


I get it.

Nobody likes to change.

You could say, with all the new technologies that have come out over the past 10 years that we’re getting better.

And still, even after absorbing all of this new tech.

In many ways...

We’re not.

We still resist change.

Take for example Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA for short.

It’s good for you.

It’s good for your business.

And still, people don’t want to do it.

And that’s because MFA requires you to add another step when logging into your computer or service.

And that’s a change.

It’s slightly inconvenient.

And even though it’s good for you.

We resist the change.


Embracing change is good.

Committing to the change is good.

It helps to build the habit.

And then once the habit is built.

Things become easier.

We get used to the new.

And life gets better.

And safer.

Embrace change.

And by the way…

If your business isn’t using Multi-Factor Authentication for your Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite.

You should be.