Planners Builders Operators


In the world of tech, there are 3 main roles.

Planners, Builders, and Operators.

Each one contributes to managing, monitoring and maintaining the tech in your business.


Planners are people that help your tech get from point A to point B.

Planners help by understanding your business needs and then designing, developing, and documenting where your business is headed from a tech perspective.

From the big picture to process design a planner is the first key tech role needed in a modern business.

If you start right you end right.

It all starts with a plan.


Next, come the builders.

These are technologists that put things together.

Expert system and network administrators and engineers with the education, experience, and exposure in building modern tech environments.

These guys are the real tech heads.

They bring the planners tech vision to life.

Much like a general contractor brings architects plans to life.


Operators are the glue.

They help to make sure that your tech environment is running optimally.

From end-user technical support to process and automation, operators keep your tech running.

You Need All 3

Each of these roles plays an important part in your business.

You need all 3 to be successful.

And while all 3 can sort of be done by one person.

It really takes a team do them well.

Having a good IT Company in the corner helps.

One that can provide all 3 roles.

Planning, building and operating.