Your Clients Are Not Your Enemy


Working in the tech space I get to interact with people at their worst.

Their computer is not working.

Their app is not working.

Heck, they’re not working.

It’s frustrating.

The Grind

As a tech person, I love problem-solving and troubleshooting.

But all of this problem solving and troubleshooting can wear a person down.

One of the ways it wears you down is when you work with tough clients.

By tough clients, I mean clients that don’t appreciate you.

And relationships that aren’t balanced.

The Enemy Within

Like most people, when a tech underappreciated they get resentful.

And as a result, it’s common for a tech person to view clients as their enemy.

Yep, it’s a thing.

The client becomes the enemy.

The adversary.

But here the thing.

Clients can never give you something (nor should they!) that you can't give to yourself—validation.


The only way to move forward and grow as a person is to restructure your perception and your behaviors.

And so, it’s important to remember the following.

Your client is not your enemy.

Your client is your partner.

They are not above you.

You are not above them.

You are on the same team.

By coming together, in partnership, in pursuit of a common goal.

Both parties win.

If you don’t expect appreciation and validation.

The more effective everyone will be.

End The Madness

As a service provider ending the war with your clients is paramount to longevity and success.

Pick clients you like.

Pick clients that help you be your best.

And when the going gets tough.

Remember that your clients are your partners.

Not your enemies.