Are You Voice-Enabled?


A few years back I was visiting a new client who happened to be a lawyer.

I was impressed by his firm's use of voice dictation.

From emails, notes, to legal docs.

These guys were voice-enabled.

They used Dragon software for dictation.

I also visited doctors and other professionals who had embraced a voice-enabled workflow.

Around that same time, I began using voice in my workflow

First for texts.

Then for writing.

Today, most of my blogs are dictated using my iPhone into Google Docs.

It's a workflow that works for me.

But I also using dictation in Microsoft Office and other apps.

Sure, I still do a fair bit of good old typing.

But if I can use my voice to complete a task.

It's my go to.

Using my voice helps in a few ways.

First, content is created using my voice

So when I read it back or listen to it.

It sounds more authentic.

At least to me, it does.

Second, content is created more quickly

If I have an idea I can rattle it off.

Changing my mind midstream happens as well.

It's all documented and can be edited for clarity later.

The ability to get my ideas into a document quickly and freely is really cool.

Third, it's kind on my hands

I do a lot of writing and have throughout my career.

My hands are worn out.

I also play guitar.

If I had to choose between typing or playing guitar.


I'm sure you know I'd choose the guitar.

So yeah, using voice dictation is kinder on the hands.

You don't have to be a doctor or a lawyer to use voice dictation.

You can be a blogger, a business person or a student.

The point is this

If you want to work faster.

Want to be more creative.

And want to output more quality content.

Being voice-enabled could be your ticket.

Are you voice-enabled?