The Benefits Of Email In The Cloud


Gone are the days of an email server in your office.

And while an argument can still be made for people who still use Hosted Microsoft Exchange or have a private email server.

The reality is this…

It’s just not needed.

Services like Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite offer way more benefits than an on-premise or dedicated server ever could.

Just based on uptime alone Microsoft and Google win.

When you add other items like Compliance and eDiscovery.

The difference between on-premise and cloud is apples to oranges.

To keep things quick, here are 3 more benefits of email in the cloud.


59% of email opens occurred on mobile, 15% on desktop and 28% in a webmail client. – Adestra “Top 10 email clients” (July 2018)

Email on a mobile phone is big.

And while email on a mobile phone can be done with an on-premise server.

It’s just more fluid when using a cloud provider.

And it doesn’t require hiring some guy to set up your email server.

Make it talk to the internet.

And making it talk to mobile phones.


Webmail has been around for a long time.

Sometimes you’ll end up in a place where mobile email isn’t an option but there’s a computer available.

If your email is on Google G Suite you’re just one web browser away from accessing your email and other services.

Once again, no IT guy needed to make this work for you.


Last but not least is licensing.

Both Microsoft and Google cloud services keep you licensed, legal and compliant.

A huge benefit of cloud-based apps is that software renewal costs disappear.

Sure there’s a monthly subscription fee.

But, for a monthly subscription fee, all of your software is now covered.

This helps to keep you ready for when an audit comes around.

There are other benefits, features, and functions that Microsoft and Google services provide that on-premise systems just don’t offer.

Not without buying more stuff.

If you’re a small business.

Cloud is the way to go.

All cloud, all the time.