3 Thoughts On Managing Up


Managing up.

Yep, it’s a business term.

And it’s an art.

It’s something we all do—directly or indirectly.

And still, most of us do it poorly.

Managing up is a lifelong skill, that if done well, can bring you success and happiness.

Here are 3 thoughts to help you get better at managing up.

First—It’s your choice who you work for

The first step in managing up is to realize that you have a choice.

That you have the freedom to choose.

I’ll say it again.

It is your choice who you work for.

Still, to some people, this is a strange concept.

They think…

I need that job.

Or heck, I just need a job.

And that’s a recipe for failure.

You choose.

Not them.

Remember this thought.

And you’ll be the better for it.

Second—Choose someone that you can manage

So what does that mean?

Choose someone you feel comfortable with.

Someone you can talk to you.

Someone who will listen to you.

Someone you can influence and persuade.

Someone that you feel you can earn trust with.

Much of this can be sorted out during your first few meetings.

And by asking the right questions.

Remember, choosing a client or an employer is just as much your choice as it is theirs.

Choose wisely.

Third—Learn how to manage up

Learning how to manage up takes some work.

It takes developing self-awareness.

It takes real listening.

It takes knowing how and when to say things.

Yep, it takes some work to learn.

Reading, listening, and viewing lessons online can help.

And it’s time well spent if you make the effort.

And then—if you practice what you’ve learned.

You’ll be surprised at the results.

The ability to manage up is a great skill to have.

Here are 3 Friday BONUS tips for managing up

Just some nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned on my journey.

1—Never give your boss bad news on a Friday.

2—Never bring up a new idea on a Friday. (new ideas rarely survive the weekend.)

3—If you must bring your boss a problem, bring them a solution as well.

I wish you the best as you practice the art of managing up.