Introducing Tech Task Lists


Getting things done.

If you’re a small business that’s your M.O.

AKA—Modus Operandi


I used to think that small businesses wanted a Road Map.

A tech path to follow.

But the more small businesses that I worked with...

The more we struggled at implementing Road Maps.

Sure, we’d make plans.

But here’s the thing.

As soon as a plan was made the business owner would start asking.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


Small businesses live in the here and now.

Long term thinking ain’t their thing.

It really isn’t.

And that’s okay.

If you have less than 100 employees.

You’re moving quick.

Taking no prisoners.

And trying to get stuff done.

It’s what you do.


So, in an effort to move the proverbial ball forward I started making lists.

I’d share the list with the business owner and we’d work from there.

Once we finished the first list.

We’d start a new list.

Kind of like an Agile Sprint.

Recently, I had so many lists going that I decided to name them—Tech Task Lists.

TTL’s for short.

So for now.

The concept of a Road Map is on hold.

I’m still producing tech design and recommendations content for businesses.

But the Road Map has become the Tech Task List.

At least until that morphs into something else.

For now.

Out with the Road Maps.

Long live the Tech Task List!