The Case For Cabling


I recently brought on a new client with what I like to call…

The cable plant from hell.

This is an organization that’s been around for years.

They’ve had guy after guy work on their tech.

And as they’ve grown.

Whenever they needed another network drop for a computer or phone.

Their tech guy just grabbed a box of cable and ran a cable to the new location.

This continued.

Drop after drop.

Run after run.

Run a cable here.

Run a cable there.

Run a cable everywhere.

No labels.

No color-coding.

No patch panels.

No permits.

Yep, it’s basically just a rats nest of cables ran all over the place.

It’s a mess.

And as a result.

Things don’t work very well.


When your cable plant is poorly implemented it can cause all sorts of problems.

Apps don’t work quite right.

Internet speeds are slow.

Printers don’t always print.

Connections to apps and services disconnect.

All sorts of intermittent things happen.

This leads the client to think.

Man, nothing works right.

When in reality.

There’s one thing that needs fixin’.


The cabling in your office is the foundation for everything tech in your office.

If you start right you end right.

And if your cable plant is good.

You’ll have a strong base to build off of.

Poor cabling results in poor tech.

A good cable plant can last for years and years.

At least 10 to 20 years, depending on your use case.

Structured Cabling is an often overlooked tech item.

And in this client’s case.

I wasn’t even a consideration.

And the result is, they’ll have to redo all of their network cable drops now.

Sometimes you need to fix the foundation.

To keep the house from falling.


The wise man built his house upon the rock.