All-Powerful Is All Dangerous


Power can be a dangerous thing.

Especially when it comes to tech.


I was recently working with a new client and noticed a few oddities.

Everyone could do everything.

Literally, everything.

Imagine this.

You hire a new receptionist.

Someone creates accounts for her in your tech environment…

Computer, Email, Apps.

When they do, they give her access and power over everything.

He/She can see anything they want.

They can create content anywhere they want.

They can delete anything they want.

And last but not least.

They can see whatever they want.

Finance, HR, Payroll.

Heck, they can see all of your stuff.


How does this happen?

What’s going on?

Both good questions.

In the tech world, this is known as a wide-open environment.

It happens when a tech guy basically, doesn’t know what they’re doing.

They lack the necessary education, experience, exposure.

And so when pressed to make things work…

They set the tech environment wide-open.

Everyone has access to everything.

Which means.

There are no boundaries.

No controls.

No permissions.

No security.

Yep, it’s bad.

Real bad.


Having the proper controls, permissions, and security in your tech environment is super-important.

This goes for apps and services as well.

Whether it’s your Accounting app or your CRM app.

Permissions are important.

Everyone can’t and shouldn’t be an all-powerful administrator.

A little structure goes a long way.

When designing your tech environment.

It’s important to make sure access to apps, devices, and services are set up correctly.


A properly constructed tech environment takes into account all of the parts and pieces.

It takes into account access and permissions.

It takes into account recoverability, reliability, security, and productivity.

Your tech environment is one of the most important parts of your business.

How it’s set up can influence your business.

It can enable your growth and success.


It can also contribute to your downfall.

Designing and building a tech environment takes some IQ points.

How well is your tech environment set up?