Why Hybrid Clouds Suck

I have the opportunity to work with several businesses and their tech.

I work with clients that are 100% cloud.

I work with clients that are 100% on site.


I work with clients that land somewhere in the middle.

The Industry term for it is Hybrid Cloud.

Which unfortunately most of the time means that the company hasn’t decided on which way they want to go.

Going all-in on cloud is not a bad thing.

Most people think it’s the future.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with having everything on your site running on a server - just like they did in the good old days.

It works.

But when you get to hybrid cloud environments.

Well, that’s where the fun starts.

Once your environment is hybrid.

You are neither cloud nor on site.

You are now - for all intent purposes.

Subject to the glue.

Some people like to call them services.

Some people like to call them integrations.

I call them glue.

Whatever you call them...

It’s the glue that connects your office to the cloud.

It’s what makes your hybrid environment work.

And it requires a fair amount of effort to make sure that that your glue is always working.

Sometimes the glue stops working.

And when that happens.

You are - pardon the pun.


If you’re thinking about going cloud I would offer the following advice.

Go all in.

It might hurt a little bit at first but eventually you’ll experience and understand the value of your choice.

If you want to keep everything in your office.

Well that’s fine too.



I think you know how I’m feeling about hybrids today.